Chi Sparks 2014 — “Creating the Difference”
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague

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Creating the difference

The Chi Sparks conferences provide a platform for researchers and practitioners in the HCI community to share and discuss their efforts on researching and developing methods, techniques, products, and services that enable people to have better interactions with systems and other people.

The theme of the 2014 edition of the conference is ‘Creating the Difference’. HCI is a creative field where practitioners engage both in the design and the production of interactions. Creating excellent interfaces for people, they make a difference in media and systems that people are eager to use.

  • Thomas Marzano, the Global Head of Brand Design at Philips, will challenge the HCI community to think about Brand Experience instead of User Experience. Thomas firmly believes that putting people at the centre of imagination is the only sustainable way of creating meaningful experiences.

  • Ohyoon Kwon and Albert Kivits will present the social innovation project ‘HomelessSMS’. This project is a story of how designers, technologists and entrepreneurs work with homeless people, service professionals and managers of organisations in order to provide social and economic added value enabled by everyday mobile technology in a complex social problem.

  • Dick Rijken en Frank Baldé will outline current developments in the world of music and musical instruments and interfaces. Their keynote will also feature a live performance using new technology from STEIM that will be available to designers of interactive instruments and installations.

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    Make sure to read the proceedings of Chi Sparks 2014 and share them with your colleagues!

  • Gerrit van der Veer

    The Gerrit van der Veer Award is the HCI thesis award for students. The award, initiated by Chi Netherlands, is named after Gerrit van der Veer; HCI-education pioneer and co-founder of Chi Netherlands. The four nominated papers will be presented during this session and at the end of the day, the jury will select a winner.

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