Chi Sparks 2014 — “Creating the Difference”
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague

Creating the Difference

Lunch, Demos & Posters

Giving user-generated content back to the users: Towards data de-centralisation for active content creators
Amy Guy

Can we develop a game controller that can be built by non-technical users?
Annika Geurtsen and Bobbie Smulders

Een digitale coach voor self-tracking sporters
Antoine Hogenboom

Iris Intranet, changing the way people work
Arthur Turksma and Jos Rouw

ixi-Play, a robot buddy for young children
Bart Dirkx and Ruud van der Aalst

Interactive Visualization of Video Data for Fish Population Monitoring
Emma Beauxis-Aussalet and Lynda Hardman

Memory Box Demo: Graham (aged 8)
Graham Cooper

The AffectButton: a digital self-report tool for emotion
Joost Broekens

ReSearchNow – Playful app for participation and engagement in (design) education
Marije ten Brink

Gamesourcing Expert Painting Annotations
Myriam Traub, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Jiyin He and Lynda Hardman

The Programming Language as Human Interface
Steven Pemberton

REHAP – Modular and Interactive Rehabilitation Tiles
Victor Donker, Bert Bongers and Panos Markopoulos