Chi Sparks 2014 — “Creating the Difference”
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague

Creating the Difference

Happiness & Wellbeing [Full]

Focus your project on promoting happiness and wellbeing

Marc Steen, TNO, Ilse Oosterlaken, Annemarie Mink, TU Delft

Workshop with maximum 8 participants - Full

Increasingly, companies aim to incorporate sustainability in their innovation projects. Similarly, HCI has moved from a focus on functionality to a focus on usability and experience.Currently the field moves towards promoting people’s happiness and wellbeing. In order to support projects to focus on this ‘people-element’, we have developed a tool that helpspeople articulate and evaluate the results of their project in terms of happiness and wellbeing of users. The tool draws from the Capability Approach, which promotes human development, freedom and flourishing. The approachhelps avoiding two pitfalls: too much focus on technology  and prescribing specific behaviours. In this workshop, we will try-out this prototyping tool.