Chi Sparks 2014 — “Creating the Difference”
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague

Creating the Difference

Digicoach: a digital coach for self-tracking athletes

The Quantified Self community is growing and life logging is becoming mainstream. More and more people are quantifying themselves using tracking devices. In existing devices there is no coaching functionality, the collected data is analyzed and interpreted by the athlete himself. For runners, we developed a digital coach that is able to provide feedback in an intuitive way, without interrupting the athlete’s running flow. This is done by giving vibration pulses in combination with visual led feedback. The digital coach is built into a wristband with GPS module, vibration motor and several LEDs. The next step is to give the digital coach a personality according to the DISC coaching model. This means that the digital coach can be either dominant and strict, or just relax and  absent. From the data collected the digital coach should identify which style gives the best results for the athlete.